Women should be careful when walking alone at night, both in Havana and in other more remote destinations. However, walking home alone at night in smaller provincial towns should be quite safe. Cuba is a somewhat typical "macho" Latin American nation, with an open and extroverted sense of sexuality. Single women can expect their fair share of catcalls, whistles, and propositions known as piropo, especially in Havana and Santiago. The best advice is to ignore the unwanted attention, rather than try to come up with a witty or antagonistic rejoinder. Cuban men are pretty persistent, but they should soon get the message if you ignore them. If they don't, say "Déjeme en paz" (Leave me in peace). If it gets out of control, a swear word will usually work.

Women travelers should check out the award-winning website Journeywoman (www.journeywoman.com), a "real life" women's travel-information network where you can sign up for a free e-mail newsletter and get advice on everything from etiquette and dress to safety; or the travel guide Safety and Security for Women Who Travel by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer (Travelers' Tales, 2nd ed., 2004), which gives common-sense tips on safe travel.

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