135km (84 miles) SE of Palermo

The most engaging aspect of this town is to wander its winding streets that snake up the side of the hill, popping in on churches to admire the frescoes, and pausing in a cafe to sit back and watch people about their daily life. Thanks to its high elevation, it's also a place to escape the fierce summer heat of the lowlands and coastal areas, and in the winter it often snows, adding to its sense of secluded charm.

At 931m (3,054 ft.) Enna is not only the highest provincial capital in Italy but also the capital of the only land-locked Sicilian province. Dubbed the "navel of Sicily" by the Greeks, it is divided into two sections: Enna Alta, or the historical center, and Enna Bassa, along the plains. Often considered off the beaten path, Enna deserves a visit, not only to admire the spectacular landscape from atop the center of the island, with views of smoking Mount Etna to the east, but also to savor some of the local products like saffron-imbued Piacentino cheese. The vertiginous climb to reach Enna will reward you with an aspect of Sicily that's rarely seen in the travel brochures.