• West Bay Beach, Roatán (the Bay Islands): The crystal clear water and powdery white sand on this end of Roatán have led many to call this one of the top beaches in the entire Caribbean -- which is not exactly a place without competition. While new hotels are creeping in all the time, they rarely top two levels, and there still is not a single 500-room mega-resort to eat away all the tropical charm. Don't forget your snorkel gear; the world's second-largest barrier reef is just off shore.
  • Tela Bay (the North Coast): In town, the best of the public beaches are in front of the Telamar and Ensenada beach resorts, but the more desolate ones near Sambo Creek and Punta Sal are hard not to like. Major development plans are in store here that could turn Tela Bay into the next Cancun, which is hard to say if it will be a good thing or a bad thing. It will be a few years before any noticeable difference can be seen, so for the time being, these waters are a bargain.
  • The Mosquito Coast (La Mosquitia): Hundreds of miles of white sandy beach and not a soul in sight. Can this be real? It is, and with absolutely no development anytime soon -- not even a hint -- you can rest assured that for at least the next decade, the secret will be safe and sound.
  • Playa Negra, Isla del Tigre (Southern Honduras): This black sand beach on Isla del Tigre -- and all beaches on Isla del Tigre, for that matter -- is practically deserted these days, though that doesn't have to be a bad thing. While everyone is flocking to the Caribbean coast, go Pacific for an unadulterated taste of the salty air.
  • Cayos Cochinos (the North Coast): Tiny, cartoonish islands with little more than one palm tree and a spit of sand are surrounded by pristine coral reefs and jaw-dropping clear waters. Just one eco-friendly resort, a small Garífuna village, and a couple of forested hills holding a very rare species of snake are all the civilization you will find. There might not be a beach bar blasting Jimmy Buffett and selling frothy brews in sight, but it's a small tradeoff for paradise.
  • West End, Guanaja (the Bay Islands): You have to go to the very corner of the second-largest and most-undeveloped of the Bay Islands to find this remarkable beach, though it is well worth the trip, even if you aren't staying in the one small hotel that sits here. Caribbean pine and the occasional sound of a coconut falling into the perfectly blue water will likely be your only company.
  • Water Cay, Utila (the Bay Islands): This uninhabited coral cay, a tiny paradise of golden sand and crystal-clear water, is the best beach on the Bay Island of Utila. A short boat ride from town, it's the perfect place for a moment of rest after an exhausting series of dives. There are no facilities here, but if you didn't pack a lunch, you can literally swim over to Jewel and Pigeon Cay.

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