87km (54 miles) S of Seville, 593km (368 miles) SW of Madrid, 34km (21 miles) NE of Cádiz

Over the centuries, the charming little Andalusian town of Jerez de la Frontera has shipped thousands of casks of golden sherry around the world. Dating back nearly 3,000 years, Jerez is today a modern, progressive town with wide boulevards and an interesting old quarter. Busloads of visitors pour in every year to get free drinks at one of the bodegas where wine is aged and bottled.

The name of the town is pronounced "Heh-res" or "Heh-reth," in Andalusian or Castilian, respectively. The French and the Moors called it various names, including Heres and Scheris, which the English corrupted to sherry.