Here is a Greek island the way they used to be: It pretty much goes its own (Greek) way, while you (foreigner) travel around and through it. That said, Kefalonia does have a full-service tourist industry, with fine hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, car-rental agencies along with its natural wonders, a few historical buildings, archaeological sites, and many fine beaches. Because Kefalonia was all but demolished by the earthquake of 1953, most structures on this island are fairly new. And it has long been one of the more prosperous and cosmopolitan parts of Greece, thanks to its islanders' tradition of sailing and trading in the world at large. The filming of the 2001 movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin also gave a temporary boost to tourism here, but don't come to Kefalonia for glamour. Come to spend time in a relaxing environment, and to enjoy handsome vistas and a lovely countryside.