• Sognefjord: If you take only one fjord trip in your life, make it that panoramic marvel known as Sognefjord in western Norway. Excursions leave from the harbor at Bergen. As you sail along, it's like a fantasy look at Norway, with the deep blue fjord waters broken by many waterfalls. Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway, stretching for a distance of 205km (127 miles), until it reaches the mountains of the Jotunheimen National Park. But most fjord excursions end long before that happens. Along the banks of this fjord -- best explored in the late spring and summer -- are farms, 19th-century villages, and lush landscapes. In springtime plum, pear, apple, and cherry trees grow in profusion.
  • Oslofjord: A web of cays, skerries, sandbars, and towering rocky banks parades before you when you take one of the Båtservice sightseeing boats that make summer trips from Oslo along this historic old fjord, the former stamping grounds of the Vikings. You'll sail aboard one of a trio of sloops with 19th-century rigging, one dating from 1892. Included in the cost are large buckets of Norwegian shrimp served buffet style.
  • Telemark Canal: Norway's answer to the Panama Canal, the 1892 Telemark Canal carries boats from its gateway, the southern city of Skien. As you sail along, you'll penetrate deep into the panoramic countryside of Norway, with its lakes, rivers, and dark forests that you just know are inhabited by trolls. You can also see some of the marvelous feats of engineering that made such a boat ride possible.
  • Coastal Steamer to the North Cape: One of the sea voyages of a lifetime, the route along the west coast of Norway from Bergen to the remote northern frontier town of Kirkenes is plied by elegantly comfortable coastal steamers. Passengers and cargo are carried to 34 ports. Along the way, ships sail through some of the lesser known but most beautiful fjords in the country. Passengers are allowed to make excursions into the mountains and across glacier country. The highlight of the sea voyage -- with the most evocative scenery -- is a visit to Nordkapp (North Cape), at the top of Europe.
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