Sixteen kilometers (10 miles) east of Ocho Rios on a beach, in an isolated spot that's many miles from any other hotel or any other population center, this resort has had constant, and multi-million, renovations over the years, which keep it looking new. Managed by the Sandals chain, it's specifically designed for families with children. Bedrooms are surprisingly large, and as such, are easily suitable for up to four family members at a time. Each is designed as a split level, with a slight difference in elevation between the "sleeping" and "living" areas of each accommodation. Each is furnished with deliberately understated, rather bland-looking furniture that's virtually indestructible. Each comes with a good-size private bathroom with tub/shower combination. Unless you have children of your own, or unless you simply adore children in general, think carefully before coming to this resort, since the venues are very clearly and deliberately configured as family-friendly -- in some cases, even family-obsessed. Positioned at strategic intervals throughout the place are costumed replicas of characters from Sesame Street, including the Cookie Monster (with whom you and/or your children can go biking); Zoe (with whom you can dance); Elmo (who will read stories geared for -- you guessed it -- children); and Grover (with whom you can explore). Invariably, adults seem to enjoy these diversions as much as their kids, but unless you're caught up in the child-rearing cycle, you might find all of this just a bit too cute. If you need to get away from it all, remember that guests within this resort can play free at the nearby Sandals golf course.