Things to See in Osaka

Osaka Bay Area -- Osaka's well-developed waterfront offers a quick getaway for Osakans wishing to escape urban life. In addition to shopping malls, an aquarium, and other attractions, it boasts Universal Studios Japan, one of Japan's major draws. In ...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Type
1 star rating Billboard Live Osaka The Performing Arts
1 star rating Floating Garden Observatory (Kuchu Teien Tenbodai) Park/Garden
3 star rating Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) Zoo/Aquarium
2 star rating Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo) Landmark
1 star rating Osaka Shochikuza The Performing Arts
1 star rating Sega Amusement Theme Park (Umeda Joypolis) Theme Park
1 star rating Shitennoji Temple Religious Site
3 star rating Spa World Gym/Spa
3 star rating Universal Studios Japan Theme Park