Jars of preserved fruit line the walls, and hams hang from the ceiling—yes, you’re still in Paris, but this place sure feels like Napoli. It tastes like it, too. For breakfast, patrons tuck into pancakes with bufflonne ricotta and passion fruit, for brunch a highlight is eggs benedict with 24-month-matured parma ham, and most any other time of day, pizza reigns supreme (the gluten-free versions are just as good), as does pasta. Whatever you choose, everything is made with only the choicest and freshest of ingredients, many of them direct from petits producteurs (small producers) in Italy. Set in a frighteningly hip part of the northern Marais, it is a popular place. Biglove doesn’t take reservations, so if you come for brunch, arrive as early as possible—especially on weekends when this neighborhood is a brunch hotspot.