Cozy and low-key down the Passage des Panoramas, this is a delightful spot for a meal that is both affordable and delicious. It’s also rather original as far as creperies go, straying from the standard complète (ham, cheese, and egg; though a variation of it is on the menu, mixing three sorts of French cheese) to embrace innovative fillings like pulled pork with truffle-infused mushrooms, and cornflake-battered chicken with bacon and pistachios. You can be sure of fresh, top-quality ingredients whatever you order. The buckwheat flour is stone-ground and gluten-free. The sweet crêpes are just as delicious, but if you’re all pancaked out by dessert, the artisanal ice cream hits the spot with flavors like hazelnut praline and salted caramel. At time of writing, the restaurant was about to launch a Sunday brunch option, so check the website.