Things to See in Pula

Pula’s most interesting sites are its Roman ruins. Of these, the 1st-century amphitheater (“the Arena”) is the most impressive. Portrait of the Artist For almost a year (October, 1904 to March, 1905), when he was a young man of 22, Irish autho...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Type
2 star rating Aquarium Zoo/Aquarium
3 star rating Arch of the Sergi Historic Site
3 star rating Arena Historic Site
1 star rating Cathedral of the Assumption Cathedral
2 star rating Hercules Gate Landmark
1 star rating Monastery and Church of St. Francis Religious Site
3 star rating Roman Amphitheatre Landmark
2 star rating Roman Floor Mosaic Landmark
3 star rating Temple of Augustus Religious Site
3 star rating Triumphal Arch of the Sergi Landmark
2 star rating Twin Gates Landmark