With its Michelin stars, this restaurant is one of the finest in Sicily -- some say the best. It lies on an impossibly narrow street, uphill behind the cathedral. Inside, the small rooms are outfitted like private parlors in a 19th-century country-Victorian style, some with sweeping views over the hillsides. Come here for the intensely patriotic cuisine of Ciccio Sultano, a native Ragusano who commits himself to old-time traditions. Several varieties of bread are baked each day, using hard-to-find strains of wheat. At least 20 types of olive oil are on display, and staff will advise you on the best variety. Menus change with the seasons and make ample use of local products such as cherry tomatoes, pistachios, bitter almonds, wild fennel, and mint. One of the praised specialties is roasted baby pig with a chocolate sauce caramelized with Marsala wine.