This may be the island’s best new restaurant, with a waterside setting that’s both breezy and seductive, and a menu with plenty of flavorful turns. Such as the prawns tempura, lightly fried shrimp in a sweet soy glaze served on long skewers, or the tomato-based conch chowder (a switch from the mainly creamy version most often found on island). Overall, it’s a surf-or-turf kind of place: from a bevy of gloriously fresh fish to grilled steaks, jerk chicken, and lamb “lollipops.” And as I said at the start its a gorgeous setting: The last time we dined here, we watched the orange sun set over the protected cove; then, as night crawled in, we spied lights snaking beneath the inky black seas—a posse of night snorkelers out exploring the marine wonders of the Caribbean sea.