A library room that doubles as a hostel? It’s a bit gimmicky, and yet it works, mainly because it’s well-done and the coffin-size sleeping cubbyholes are tucked away among a wall of bookshelves, making guests feel more insulated from their neighbors than the usual capsule hotel. But this is still a hostel, after all, with shared toilets and showers, and only a curtain separates you from the communal living space in the center of the room, where sofas invite guests to read some of the library’s 1,500 books, including those in English and guidebooks on Japan. There are three types of sleeping spaces available: 10 “compact” units filled with a single bed, 30 slightly larger standard units with a semi-double-size bed, and six double units with king-size beds, all with reading lamps and electric outlets. At one end of the room is a counter offering breakfast and alcoholic drinks, making sleep a challenge, perhaps, for those who like to turn in early or get up late. Note that payment can be made only with a credit card or the Suica or PASMO transportation card (no cash). Sensoji Temple is just a few minutes’ walk away. Other Book and Bed hostels are in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Kyoto.