Best Nightlife in Tokyo

By day, Tokyo is arguably one of the least attractive cities in the world. Come dusk, however, the drabness fades and the city blossoms into a profusion of giant neon lights and paper lanterns, and its streets fill with millions of overworked Japanese...  Read more >

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What the Dickens! Music
300 Bar Bars & Pubs
Advocates Café Bars & Pubs
Albatross Bars & Pubs
Body & Soul Music
Crocodile Music
Daimasu Bars & Pubs
Dubliners' Irish Pub Bars & Pubs
Geronimo Shot Bar Bars & Pubs
Kinryo Bars & Pubs
Liquidroom Music
New Lex Tokyo Dance Clubs
Old Imperial Bar Bars & Pubs
Parabola Wine + Bar Bars & Pubs
R2 Supper Club Bars & Pubs
Robot Restaurant Show
Shinjuku Pit Inn Music
Sky Room Bars & Pubs
Smash Hits Bars & Pubs
STB 139 Music
The Pink Cow Bars & Pubs
Top of Shinagawa Bars & Pubs
Warrior Celt Bars & Pubs
Womb Dance Clubs