Best Restaurants in Tokyo

From stand-up noodle shops and pizzerias to sushi bars and exclusive kaiseki restaurants serving elaborate multicourse meals, restaurants in Tokyo number at least 80,000 -- which gives you some idea of how fond the Japanese are of eating out. In a cit...  Read more >

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Star Rating Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
1 star rating Icon_dollar1 246 Commons International Omotesando, northeast of the Aoyama Dori
1 star rating Icon_dollar1 Andy's Shin-Hinomoto Varied Japanese Yurakucho
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 Casita Harajuku & Aoyama
1 star rating Icon_dollar2 Chinya (ちんや) Sukiyaki/Shabu-Shabu Asakusa
2 star rating Icon_dollar2 daidaiya Modern Japanese Shinjuku
2 star rating Icon_dollar3 Fukuzushi (福鮨) Sushi Roppongi
1 star rating Icon_dollar1 Genkatsu Ginza Tonkatsu Ginza
1 star rating Icon_dollar2 Ginza Daimasu (銀座大増) Kaiseki/Bento Ginza
2 star rating Icon_dollar3 Imperial Viking Sal Continental Chiyoda-ku
2 star rating Icon_dollar2 Innsyoutei (韻松亭) Kaiseki/Bento Ueno
1 star rating Icon_dollar1 Kamiya Bar Varied Japanese/Western Asakusa
1 star rating Icon_dollar1 Kohmen (光麺) Ramen Roppongi
3 star rating Icon_dollar2 Legato Italian/Fusion Shibuya
2 star rating Icon_dollar1 Maisen (まい泉) Tonkatsu Shibuya-ku
2 star rating Icon_dollar2 Maru (圓) Varied/Nouvelle Japanese Shibuya-ku
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 New York Grill American Shinjuku
1 star rating Icon_dollar2 Ninja Akasaka Varied Japanese Nagata-cho
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 Nobu Tokyo Akasaka
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 Peter Ginza & Hibiya
1 star rating Icon_dollar2 Rangetsu (らん月) Sukiyaki/Shabu-Shabu/Kaiseki/Bento Ginza
2 star rating Icon_dollar1 Shabusen (しゃぶせん) Shabu-shabu Ginza
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 Sushi Sugita Sushi Nihonbashi
2 star rating Icon_dollar3 Ten-ichi Tempura Ginza
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 Tokyo Shiba Toufuya Ukai Tofu Tokyo Tower
2 star rating Icon_dollar1 Tsunahachi (つな八) Tempura Shinjuku
3 star rating Icon_dollar3 Two Rooms Grill/Bar Continental Shibuya
2 star rating Icon_dollar2 Unagi Kappo Izu'ei Honten (鰻割烹伊豆栄本店 Eel Ueno
3 star rating Icon_dollar2 Waentei-Kikko (和えん亭 吉幸) Kaiseki/Bento Asakusa