Occupying the top 10 floors of the building it shares with international media organizations, this hotel, well located downtown just a few minutes' walk from the Ginza, emulates the high-priced Strings by InterContinental Tokyo, but on a less grand, less expensive scale. Its lobby, on the 25th floor and decorated with large trees and dark woods in a theme of "nature and health," is bathed in the natural sunlight afforded by its 10-story atrium topped with an opaque ceiling. Complying with the hotel theme, restaurants follow a natural-foods concept, using organic ingredients. The front desk is one of the most dramatic I've seen, backed by nothing but great views of Tokyo Tower and the city. Rooms are simply decorated, with original art; they also provide views, the best of which can be found on the 30th floor and above facing Hama Rikyu Garden and Tokyo Bay or facing Tokyo Tower (and Mt. Fuji on clear winter days). The hotel even has a trained "pillow fitter," who can take your measurements and provide one made to fit, at no extra cost.