Tonkatsu is Japanese comfort food, breaded and then deep-fried and served with cabbage and a thick sauce reminiscent of Worcestershire. Although usually associated with fast, cheap meals for office workers and the older generation, this restaurant seems more geared to a younger crowd with its enthusiastic staff, top Billboard music at night, and a totally new way of preparing this national favorite. Instead of the usual pork cutlet, the tonkatsu here consists of super-thin slices of pork, plus a choice filling of cheese, black pepper, green onion, garlic, or sour plum and miso sauce loaded in the center, and then deep fried. My own personal take is that the cheese-filled one wasn't as good as I'd imagined, but the others are tasty and in any case a plain one without any embellishment is also available. More expensive cuts of pork are also on the English-language menu, including Kagoshima black pork, along with appetizers ranging from shrimp spring roll to edamame. But like most tonkatsu restaurants, your meal comes with rice, cabbage, miso soup, and pickles plus free refills, which should be satisfying for most appetites.