I love the museums and other attractions in Ueno Park, but a meal at this traditional restaurant makes the outing even more special. Open since 1875, it has a simple tearoom with snacks on the ground floor, but upstairs are where meals are served, either in private tatami rooms or a small dining room overlooking greenery. There's an English-language menu, and prices are very reasonable for set lunches that include a vegetarian choice, bento, and kaiseki. Dinner offers more expensive kaiseki and chicken sukiyaki. Because this restaurant is extremely popular with older Japanese women, reservations are strongly recommended but are only accepted for four or more diners. Note that credit cards are not accepted. During the cherry blossom season, when Ueno erupts in a flame of pink flowers and hordes of people, Innsyoutei limits its menu to only a few set meals honoring the season, but you'll be lucky to get your foot in the door then.