Since Disney's Latest Decision to Raise Ticket Prices Will Obviously Bar Entrance to Children of the Poor, Shouldn't We Use Public Pressure to Create an Exception for Low-Income Families?

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 03/01/2016, 11:00 PM

Photo credit: Disneyland Resort         Why am I so upset about the recent increase in admission prices at the Disney theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim? As you read on this blog, that organization has adopted a form of "surge pricing", increasing its already-high one-day ticket prices by about 20% on weekends and during periods of high demand.  The result is that some parents br...

Theme Parks Now Charge More for Busy Days in a "Demand Pricing" Game Changer

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 02/03/2016, 1:45 AM

Universal Studios Hollywood's "EZ Rez" advance purchase calendar for February, 2016 On April 7, the original Universal Studios in Hollywood finally gets its own Wizarding World of Harry Potter. After two phases of the attraction have already opened in Orlando and transformed the fortunes of the Universal resort in Florida, the Los Angeles property is finally getting a taste of Potterm...

The One-Percenting of Disney: Who Loses, Who Wins

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 10/06/2015, 3:45 PM

Every few months, American news outlets erupt with a new round of rueful Disney coverage. Every spring, admission ticket prices shoot skyward, and this week, it hiked its annual pass rates as much as 31%—an insane inflation by any standard. Disney parks are as crowded as ever, but the company seems to be entirely tone deaf to the real takeaway behind the constant drumbeat of bad press: Di...

Popular Orlando Water Park to Close Forever

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 06/29/2015, 5:00 PM

A few weeks ago, when Universal Orlando announced it was building a lavish new water slide park, Volcano Bay, for a 2017 opening, it was all over for Wet 'N Wild.  The seminal water slide park opened in 1977 and was the first of its kind in the world, essentially inventing the water park genre that now has far surpassed its tiny acreage and simple ethic. There's no lavish theme, just lots ...

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