The Dutch live in a tiny country that’s so heavily populated they need to recover land from the sea, and they take protection of their environment very seriously. More than 60 percent of household waste is sorted, collected, and recycled. As a visitor, you are expected to play your part in this process and not toss stuff without checking if it’s recyclable or reusable.

Generating power from the wind—an age-old Dutch skill—is growing apace. Holland has thousands of wind turbines on land and several hundred offshore, producing almost 20 percent of the country's energy.

Cities in Belgium and The Netherlands all have excellent integrated public transportation systems; using them helps reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Even if you rent a car for getting around, most main car-rental firms now offer green options, from renting a low-emissions car to making a payment to a CO2-offset program.

All those bicycles you see in Amsterdam take cars off the street. Anyone who’s not riding a bike is likely to be walking or getting around by tram, and visitors are encouraged to do likewise. There are many places where you can rent bikes, and public transportation is easy to use and efficient .


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