Juticalpa, the birthplace of former President Manuel Zelaya, was founded in the early to mid-16th century by Spanish settlers on the site of an unidentified Indian village and not far from another Spanish settlement of San Jorge de Olancho. It is the largest town in the region -- the only one of any significant size, with about 34,000 residents -- and is an unattractive collection of concrete buildings and uneven sidewalks. Juticalpa has one excellent restaurant; however, a much better selection of hotels exists in Catacamas a few kilometers up the road. If you are coming here and are not a Peace Corps worker, it is likely you've come for the assortment of natural sights just outside of town, such as Monumento Natural El BoquerĂ³n or Parque Nacional Sierra de Agalta.

Juticalpa is famous throughout the country for two culinary products: Cuajada and Coyol wine. Cuajada is a hard, salty cheese produced at area dairy farms; Coyol wine is the fermented sap of the Coyol palm, and is harvested in March and April and sold in plastic soda bottles.