Set on a cobble-covered alley, much too narrow for a car, downhill from the Museo Bellomo, this hideaway has simple plastic tables and chairs, red-checkered tablecloths, and a good reputation. It is set in a cave-like warren of vaulted rooms that you'll find either charmingly intimate or impossibly claustrophobic. The chef's use of fresh ingredients is a compelling reason to dine here. We sampled a delightful homemade cavatelli (shell-like pasta) with wild boar sauce. Many dishes, such as baked rabbit, Sicilian tripe, and perfectly sautéed calves' liver, are full of good old country flavor. The grilled swordfish is immensely tasty, as is farfalle pasta with braised radicchio. Other menu items include spaghetti with pumpkin flowers, cavatelli with pork sauce, and grilled shrimp and calamari.