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The Lodges at Four Hugely Popular US National Parks Are On Sale | Frommer's Dilif/Wikipedia

The Lodges at Four Hugely Popular US National Parks Are On Sale

Several weeks ago we wrote that we expected to see discounts on stays at the great lodges of our national parks thanks to the lack of international tourists in the United States this summer.

That has now come to pass.

Xanterra, a firm that manages many of these grand hotels, has put out a sale alert for lodgings at, or near, four of the system's most majestic parks.

The links below go to the full Frommer's reviews of each property, and they include the usual prices—so you'll have something to use for comparison when you get a quote from the hotels directly.

Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

The biggest savings are for the park's less famous hotels: Maswik Lodge North, Thunderbird Lodge, Kachina Lodge, and Bright Angel Lodge. Xanterra is promising 30% off for select dates at those lodges, which are all pleasant, clean, and well-located within walking distance of the South Rim's Historic District.

The rooms we'd go for would be those at the famed El Tovar Hotel, which sits on the lip of the Canyon and is usually solidly sold out all summer. The discount here is just 20%, but just getting a room at this glorious hotel in summer counts as a win.

All of these hotels will have discounted rooms on select dates from July 10 to August 31 of this year, and from October 15 to March 1, 2021.

In addition, the Grand Canyon Railway will be on sale (30% off), as will the Railway Hotel in Williams, Arizona. This is a popular heritage railway ride that's quite scenic. This sale is going from July 10, 2020, to March 1, 2021.

One can also snag 30% off at the Grand Hotel, which is outside of the park itself. But with such great deals within the park, that's not a place we'd recommend first—only if the others are full.

Glacier National Park
The gateway hotel, Cedar Creek Lodge, is offering 30% off beginning August 16, 2020, for select dates through March 31, 2021.

Zion National Park
This one's not a summer sale, but since it's beastly hot in Zion in July and August, that's fine. Discounts of 30% begin November 2 through March 5 at the Zion National Park Lodge.

Death Valley National Park
The family-friendly Ranch at Death Valley will be available on select dates from July 10 of this year through January 15, 2021, for 30% off. The cushier Inn at Death Valley will start its 30%-off sale on October 1 and it's expected to run through January 15, 2021.