Best Restaurants in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has a huge selection of restaurants, dairy bars, lunch counters, snack shops, delicatessens, and cafes. In the Old City and East Jerusalem, you’ll find mostly Middle Eastern cuisine, including numerous snack stands and inexpensive Arab eate...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar1 Abu Assab Refreshments Fresh Juices Near Damascus Gate
Icon_dollar1 Abu Shukri Hummus Near Damascus Gate
Icon_dollar2 Adom French/Mediterranean Cinamatheque Area
Icon_dollar3 American Colony Hotel Arabesque Restaurant Continental/Middle Eastern East Jerusalem
Icon_dollar1 Amigo Emil International/Arabic Near Damascus Gate
Icon_dollar1 Armenian Tavern Armenian Near Jaffa Gate
Icon_dollar2 Barood Bar Restaurant Continental/Sephardic Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar1 Caffit Vegetarian Cafe Cinamatheque Area
Icon_dollar2 Chakra Eclectic King George V Avenue
Icon_dollar3 Darna Moroccan Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar2 Eucalyptus Jerusalem Mamilla Mall & Jaffa Gate
Icon_dollar1 Families Restaurant Middle Eastern Near Damascus Gate
Icon_dollar1 Focaccia Bar Eclectic/Mediterranean Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar1 Hamarakiya Soup Shlomzion Hamalka Street
Icon_dollar1 Heimische Essen East European Jewish King George V Avenue
Icon_dollar2 International Restaurant at the YMCA Continental YMCA & King David Hotel
Icon_dollar1 Jaffar and Sons Pastry Cafe Arabic Pastry Near Damascus Gate
Icon_dollar1 Kan Zeman Middle Eastern East Jerusalem
Icon_dollar1 Kangaroo Georgian/Russian Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar1 Keshet Vegetarian/Dairy Jewish Quarter
Icon_dollar2 Kohinoor Kosher Indian King George V Avenue
Icon_dollar1 Lavan at the Cinémathèque Italian/Mediterranean Cinamatheque Area
Icon_dollar3 Machneyuda Restaurant Modern Israeli Agrippas Street & Machane Yehuda
Icon_dollar1 Marvad Haksamim (Magic Carpet) Israeli Cinamatheque Area
Icon_dollar2 Noya Continental/Modern Israeli Shlomzion Hamalka Street
Icon_dollar1 Papa Andreas Middle Eastern Near Jaffa Gate
Icon_dollar2 Piccolino Israeli Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar3 Scala Chef Kitchen & Bar Contemporary Mediterranean YMCA & King David Hotel
Icon_dollar2 Sea Dolphin (Dolphin Yam) Fish/Seafood Shlomzion Hamalka Street
Icon_dollar1 Shanty International Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar1 Sima’s Middle Eastern Agrippas Street & Machane Yehuda
Icon_dollar1 Spaghettim Italian Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar2 Te’enim Vegetarian Cuisine Vegetarian YMCA & King David Hotel
Icon_dollar1 Tmol Shilshom Bookstore Cafe Vegetarian Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar2 Turquoise Lebanese Restaurant Middle Eastern East Jerusalem
Icon_dollar1 Village Green Vegetarian Zion Square Area
Icon_dollar1 Zuni Restaurant/Café/Bar French/International Zion Square Area