6 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Fast

By Isabel Eva Bohrer

Here's a series of both online and offline tools that you can use to learn a foreign language and make your next trip abroad better.

Travel Safety Tips: I Lost My Wallet, Now What?

By Zach Honig

Losing your wallet can happen to even the most seasoned traveler. Either you forgot it on a counter or left it in a cab, or worse, a pickpocket makes off with it. So how can you board the plane without ID? Read on.

How to Apply for a Passport or Visa

By The Frommer's Staff

Traveling abroad? Here's a clear and concise rundown on everything you need to know about obtaining the necessary documents before you leave home.


Caribbean Ports of Call: Dock or Drop Anchor?

By Heidi Sarna

When a ship visits a port of call, it either ties up alongside a dock or it anchors offshore: The difference can sap hours from your excursion. Here, then, is a port-by-port guide to getting ashore.

No Fleabag Stays for Fido: Resources and Deals for Traveling with your Pets

By Charis Atlas Heelan

People love their pets -- so much so that there is an entire sub-industry out there of pet related leisure wear, accessories and travel gadgets. There is also a plethora of travel sites aimed at pet owners looking for resources, tips, information, accommodations and booking services.

To Duty-Free or Not to Duty-Free? That's the Shopper's Question

By Charis Atlas Heelan

Eased Restrictions Open the Door a Bit on Travel to Libya

By Robert Haru Fisher

Fifty Tips for Planning an Affordable Trip to Australia

By Marc Llewellyn & Lee Mylne

Can't believe you can really travel and stay comfortably around this huge country for as little as $50 a day? It can be done.

Big Trips for a Big Anniversary in Normandy

By Robert Haru Fisher