In Spite of the President's Confusing Cuba Policy, Three Major Cruise Lines Persevere in Offering Brief and Superficial Visits

By Arthur Frommer

Despite the President’s murky efforts to limit the right of Americans to travel to Cuba, the cruise industry's brightest leaders lay future plans to bring even more vacationers there.


Americans May Soon Need Visas to Travel to Europe

By Pauline Frommer

A tit-for-tat spat could have significant consequences for travelers.

The Travel Press is Reporting the 'Trump Slump,' a Devastating Drop in Tourism to the United States

By Arthur Frommer

Experts across the travel industry are warning that masses of tourists are being scared away from visiting the United States, and the loss of tourism jobs could be devastating.

Will He or Won't He? Trump Has Not Withdrawn His Threat to Forbid Travel to Cuba

By Arthur Frommer

American cruise lines are preparing to enter the Cuban market with force, but will politics quash the budding potential for new jobs, new revenue, and new explorations?

A Corps of English-Speaking Volunteers Called "Wardens" Comes to the Aid of Beleaguered Tourists in Emergency Situations Overseas

By Arthur Frommer

When a U.S. embassy or consulate is not permitted to help travelers—a common predicament—it may enlist the assistance of a friendly expat. Meet the "warden," the volunteer who could save your next trip.

Salvador, Brazil

Hard Tourist Visas For Awesome Destinations

By Jason Cochran

Some countries don't want many visitors and limit them with difficult or expensive visa processes. But vacationing in them is still worth the challenge.

Can I Use a Driver License to Drive into Mexico or Canada?

By Frommer's Staff

What documents to American citizens require if they want to cross by land into Mexico or Canada? Can they use a driver's license with a birth certificate, or do they need a passport?

How to Apply for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

By Ashley DuBois

Whether you’re battling the lines or worrying about accidentally leaving something metal in your pocket, airport security can be the most boring and stressful part of traveling. For low-risk travelers, however, applying to certain programs can save time and effort at the airport.

Arthur Frommer's Reaction to the President's Announcement Regarding the Travel Embargo Against Cuba

By Arthur Frommer

"Although it will make headlines, the announcement of these embargo modifications is of far less substance than meets the eye."

Do I need a passport to cruise?

By Thomas Faddegon

In light of heightened border security and thorough Transportation Security Administration (TSA) searches, it seems like a given that you need a passport to go on a cruise. Surprisingly enough, the cruise industry has a loophole that lets American passengers soak in the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and other destinations without a passport on “closed-loop” sailings out of U.S. ports.

6 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Fast

By Isabel Eva Bohrer

Here's a series of both online and offline tools that you can use to learn a foreign language and make your next trip abroad better.

Travel Safety Tips: I Lost My Wallet, Now What?

By Zach Honig

Losing your wallet can happen to even the most seasoned traveler. Either you forgot it on a counter or left it in a cab, or worse, a pickpocket makes off with it. So how can you board the plane without ID? Read on.

How to Apply for a Passport or Visa

By The Frommer's Staff

Traveling abroad? Here's a clear and concise rundown on everything you need to know about obtaining the necessary documents before you leave home.

Caribbean Ports of Call: Dock or Drop Anchor?

By Heidi Sarna

When a ship visits a port of call, it either ties up alongside a dock or it anchors offshore: The difference can sap hours from your excursion. Here, then, is a port-by-port guide to getting ashore.

No Fleabag Stays for Fido: Resources and Deals for Traveling with your Pets

By Charis Atlas Heelan

People love their pets -- so much so that there is an entire sub-industry out there of pet related leisure wear, accessories and travel gadgets. There is also a plethora of travel sites aimed at pet owners looking for resources, tips, information, accommodations and booking services.

To Duty-Free or Not to Duty-Free? That's the Shopper's Question

By Charis Atlas Heelan

Eased Restrictions Open the Door a Bit on Travel to Libya

By Robert Haru Fisher