Vacation Rentals Are About To Get Pricier for (Most) Travelers

By Pauline Frommer

What you need to know about the new fees coming to vacation rentals.

Long-Term Travelers Reinvent Hostels By Opening Their Own

By Roxie Pell

Hostels were once infamous for being impersonal, clincial, and excruciatingly bare-bones, but international travelers are bringing their experiences home with them to open a next breed of budget lodging.

How to Complain to Hilton

By Margaret Daly

File your complaint to the worldwide hotel company Hilton using email, phone, and even social media. Just follow the guidelines below.


The New "Big Three" of Travel Search Engines: Competition Dies

By Reid Bramblett

As America's wide field of airline competitors has consolidated down to just three major players, consumers also have less choice when it comes to which companies are controlling the travel search results they see.

Which Hotel Brands Do the Best Job? The J.D. Power & Associates Results Are In

By Ross Walker

Pauline and Arthur Frommer discuss the findings of J.D. Power and Associates' North American Hotel Satisfaction Study with the survey company's Rick Garlick.

Tips for Booking a Hotel in Amsterdam

By Tom Meyers

Navigating all of the accommodation choices can be a bit confusing. Which neighborhood? How many stars? What’s in the rooms? What’s a good deal? We're here to help.

Can You Imagine Living in a W Hotel? Frommer's & CityBuzz Find One Where You Can

By Citybuzz

How to Find Travel Bargains Using Coupon Sites

By Chris Gray Faust

Always read the fine print -- and know the blackout dates -- before booking discounted travel deals on coupon sites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

Traveler's Ski Report: Sierra-at-Tahoe & Heavenly, South Lake Tahoe

By Eric Peterson

What's new -- and where to find the best ski deals -- at Sierra-at-Tahoe and Heavenly ski resorts.

What's New at Two Ski Resorts in North Lake Tahoe

By Eric Peterson

Embrace the snow with these affordable ski deals and ski packages at Squaw Valley USA and Alpine Meadows ski resorts.

Ski Deals: Vermont, Maine, Quebec & Europe

By Eric Peterson

A ski vacation doesn't need to cost a fortune. Check out these affordable ski packages and ski deals in the Northeast, Canada, and Europe.

Traveler's Ski Report: Deals in New England, Switzerland & France

By Eric Peterson

Score lift tickets and discounts at ski resorts in Vermont, Maine, Zermatt, and more, plus use this handy guide to see when your favorite ski resorts open for the season.

Traveler's Ski Report for October 28, 2010

By Eric Peterson

Colorado starts the season in a hurry with a slope-blanketing blizzard. Find out which mountains are offering deals across the state and in Utah and Wyoming.

Video Report: Visit Orlando For Less

By Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share tips on navigating theme parks and finding hidden deals on Orlando vacations to Disney and beyond.

Rent an Apartment and Save on New York City Lodging

By Pauline Frommer

Hotels in New York charge more and give less than their counterparts in other U.S. cities. So look instead to private apartments, which go for far less and offer much more.

Get Comfy for Less: Staying in Private London Bed & Breakfasts

By Jason Cochran

In many places staying in a quaint private room usually corresponds with a huge uptick in price. Fortunately, English hosted flats have been one of the world's great travel bargains for many lifetimes.

Video Report: How to Have a Better Vegas Vacation

By Pauline Frommer

Finding a bargain in Vegas doesn't have to be a crap shoot. Pauline Frommer visits CNN this week to share the best ways to take advantage of deals to Vegas.

Video: Inauguration Travel Deals

By Pauline Frommer

Want to get to D.C. for the big event? Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share how people hoping to attend the inauguration can still find hotel rooms.

4 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Trip to Cancun

By Christine Delsol

Cancun can bruise the budget, but it's possible to soften the blow: Booking a package deal that bundles together the costs of airfare and hotel can reduce hotel tabs to manageable proportions.

Video: Finding Deals in Sin City

By Pauline Frommer

Pauline Frommer explains why financial woes in Las Vegas equal good deals for travelers.

Pauline Frommer's Spend Less, See More Tips for Home Exchanges

By Pauline Frommer

What you need to know to live like a local and save thousands of dollars on your next vacation.

Reports of Hawaii's Demise as an Affordable Vacation Destination Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

By Pauline Frommer

This Monday, AAA announced that Hawaii was the most expensive state to visit, with costs of $792 per day, per couple. But savvy travelers can have a wonderful holiday for less than a quarter of that amount.

The Rubdown in Chocolate Town: Spa Time in Hershey PA

By Heidi Sarna

The Mediterranean-style 232-room Hotel Hershey is set on a hill overlooking town. As old-world as the hotel is, it's managed to be edgy too, marrying the must-have spa concept with the very heart and soul of Hershey: chocolate.

Alternative Accommodations: Sleep in New York City For Less

By Pauline Frommer

By and large, hotels in Gotham charge more than hotels anywhere else in America -- an average of $250 per night. Though I admit this unpleasant fact, I'm not discouraged by it. Bargains can be found. Values exist.

Keep an Eye on Four Seasons as They Expand in Asia

By Heidi Sarna

With 70 hotels and resorts in 31 countries and more than 20 properties in development, the high-end hotel chain is busy expanding its presence around the globe, including Asia, with several new openings slated for the coming months.