Pauline Frommer's Spend Less, See More Tips for Home Exchanges

By Pauline Frommer

What you need to know to live like a local and save thousands of dollars on your next vacation.

Reports of Hawaii's Demise as an Affordable Vacation Destination Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

By Pauline Frommer

This Monday, AAA announced that Hawaii was the most expensive state to visit, with costs of $792 per day, per couple. But savvy travelers can have a wonderful holiday for less than a quarter of that amount.

The Rubdown in Chocolate Town: Spa Time in Hershey PA

By Heidi Sarna

The Mediterranean-style 232-room Hotel Hershey is set on a hill overlooking town. As old-world as the hotel is, it's managed to be edgy too, marrying the must-have spa concept with the very heart and soul of Hershey: chocolate.


Alternative Accommodations: Sleep in New York City For Less

By Pauline Frommer

By and large, hotels in Gotham charge more than hotels anywhere else in America -- an average of $250 per night. Though I admit this unpleasant fact, I'm not discouraged by it. Bargains can be found. Values exist.

Keep an Eye on Four Seasons as They Expand in Asia

By Heidi Sarna

With 70 hotels and resorts in 31 countries and more than 20 properties in development, the high-end hotel chain is busy expanding its presence around the globe, including Asia, with several new openings slated for the coming months.

Accommodations You Can Afford in Hawaii on a Budget

By Jeanette Foster

Hawaii offers all kinds of accommodations, from simple rooms in restored plantation homes and quaint cottages on the beach to luxurious oceanview condo units and opulent suites in beachfront resorts. Each type has its pluses and minuses -- so before you book, make sure you know what you're getting into.

Convert Your Country House into an Urban Flat with a Home Exchange

By Maureen Clarke

The prices described in this article have changed, but it remains online so that the resources named will be of future use to travelers.

Unbelievable Untours: Stay Like a Local with European Dream Deals

By Jason Sheftell

Sign Us Up! Add Your Honeymoon to that Gift Registry

By Robert Haru Fisher

The latest item gaining popularity on bridal registries is the honeymoon.

Toddle Off to Tuscany and More this Spring

By Robert Haru Fisher

Eased Restrictions Open the Door a Bit on Travel to Libya

By Robert Haru Fisher

Hidden Brazil: Affordable Luxury in a Secret Paradise

By Haas Mroue

A Final Roundup of South American Packages

By Robert Haru Fisher

Budget Hotels Ascend With New Frequent-Stay Program

By Sascha Segan

Cendant has merged its multiple loyalty programs into one efficient über-reward system.

Best Hotels Bets in London on a Budget

By Donald Olson

Accommodations in London vary in type and price. You will find the best of what you're looking for on our 'best bets' list.

Best Hotels Bets in Washington, D.C. on a Budget

By Elise Hartman Ford

Finding an affordable hotel in a capitol can be quite a challenge. But don't despair -- we found the best accommodations for all kinds of travelers.

Best Hotels Bets in Hawaii on a Budget

By Jeanette Foster

Sleeping on the beach can be your choice, but doesn't have to be the only option. We found the best of affordable accommodations in Hawaii just in case you tire of the sand bed.

What's New: An Online Update for Frommer's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island

By Paul Karr

Things change verrry slowly in Eastern Canada, and sometimes they don't change much at all. Nevertheless, there are a few recent developments to note.

Fifty Tips for Planning an Affordable Trip to Australia

By Marc Llewellyn & Lee Mylne

Can't believe you can really travel and stay comfortably around this huge country for as little as $50 a day? It can be done.

Unearth Ancient Japan in Kyoto

By Robert Haru Fisher

Escape hectic Tokyo for older and slower-paced Kyoto. We've got tips on what to see, what to eat, where to stay and more.

Holiday Airfare Fantasias: From the Holy Land to Middle-Earth

By Sascha Segan

Six Nights in Europe For $299? Believe It

By Sascha Segan

Irish Buys Are Thriving: Air, Lodging and a Car for a Bump Over $100 a Day

By David A. Lytle

Turkey Trot Outta Here: Holiday Travel Packages for That Spontaneous Escape

By Robert Haru Fisher

Holland Days: A Saucy Two Weeks in The Netherlands Includes Airfare and Private Apartment

By Sascha Segan